For real.

by the Artist


At a recent interview the Carpenter was asked if there really was an "Artist and Carpenter". The Carpenter looked at the guy and said.. are you serious? You are looking at the "Carpenter". It made me think about that. What is obvious to us isn't ever as obvious to someone else. And in this digital age.. what you see on a screen is not necessarily real or true. 

Well I just pinched myself. I am real and as of this morning.. the Carpenter is too. I am an artist- trained in graphic design. I now work in our company doing all the marketing, and I assist with any design needs for our projects. And the Carpenter has been pounding nails and loving what he does since age 18. We are married. We work every day to make it in this digital world, to be a presence, to keep the work that we do relevant and hopefully from time to time.. fleetingly interesting to you.

This week we started a large exterior remodel. Click on this link to see the album I set up on our Facebook page. These are our favorite type of projects. We are excited to share with you. Prior to starting this project we both spent quite some time meeting with the homeowners to gather information, present design concepts– to be given the opportunity to partner with them to achieve the goals for their home. This is a huge responsibility. We are up for it!