Some dairy for me!

by the Artist

We are just back from our annual fall camping weekend. It always takes effort to get there. The Carpenter has to make sure our current projects are in order before he can take off. I always wonder if we will really get to go. Just about anything can come up. I breathe a sigh of relief when we shut the camper door and head off down the road.

Only recently have we been able to get cell phone signals from the camp. We used to have to drive to the bridge or take the boat out on the lake to find a weak signal. A few more towers must have been built because that is no longer the case. Darn. Now the Carpenter can keep in contact with our crew and customers. He does try and keep it to a minimum though which I'm grateful for. 

We camped in the best spot in the campground. We had a grand view of the lake. We enjoyed many fires, good food, a trip out to the "Robin's Nest" for breakfast and a couple of trips into the town of Hayward.

The highlight for me was visiting West's Dairy (ice cream/coffee shop) while visiting Hayward. I'm reading a book called "Scoop" about two guys from London who bought the dairy and revamped the business. It was so fun to "see" what I am reading about. We met the new owner (not the author of the book. Sad to say he sold the dairy in May) and we also met Vivian who has worked at the Dairy for a number of years. She was a blast to talk to and gave us some behind the scene stories. 

I'm not normally the type to introduce myself nor seek this sort of adventure out. I'm really quite shy. As we entered the door the Carpenter who is not shy asked if the guy behind the counter was the owner. That broke the ice for me. I'm glad that the Carpenter is a "people" person. He is just very friendly and interested in hearing people's stories. (he takes after his Dad that way)

We enjoyed some really good made on the premises ice cream- me Maple Nut and Mint Chocolate Chip for the Carpenter. 

Back at the lake on our last day a couple drove up to our site. They have camped on the site for the past 27 years. Always the second week in June. They are Wisconsin Dairy farmers. Do I see a theme here? They wanted to see the site in full fall color. They weren't disappointed. They are very sentimental about their time at Lake Chip. Probably more sentimental then us and that is saying a lot.

We headed home under glorious skies yesterday. I'm ready to tuck the camper in for it's long winter's nap. I'm surprised about this. Usually I get choked up just crossing the bridge over the lake. I think I'm ready and anticipating a busy prosperous fall. I hope you are too!