Photo doldrums.

by the Artist

We're in the photo doldrums here at Applewood. Currently we are on a small bath (we don't usually show small bath remodels. Their spaces are just too small to get good photos), and an extensive exterior remodel (some very unphotogenic work going on there right now- rot found under the old siding in places). We are waiting for one last cabinet to finish up the Deerhills Avenue kitchen remodel, so I can shoot final photos of that project. We finished the Arbor Drive deck a couple of weeks ago. I need to get over there. We have completed a beautiful custom entry built-in bench that needs a camera visit. 

I've been too busy to head out to the jobs lately… which means the Carpenter is responsible for photos. Hmmm. With anticipation I inserted a camera memory card into my computer today. It held exactly six photos– two of them are out of focus and the rest showed lovely house rot. So here I am writing a blog post instead. I know no one really cares that I don't have some great photos to display right now. But I do. 

I need to pick up my little camera. pronto.