by the Artist


It is really September! Today here in Minnesota feels like fall. It never fails. The warm month of August slips into the first days of September and the great "switch" in the sky is flipped to "autumn". That's the way I've always thought of it living here. And the Carpenter commented today that the "Old Man" is coming. (winter).

The Carpenter has had a particularly busy summer interviewing and hiring to expand our work force. We have the biggest project load in 30+ years, and more help is needed to complete all the projects done in a timely manner. He has spent many many evenings/days at our local Caribou Coffee shop meeting potential candidates. We have found some great guys and are looking forward to having them all on board by October.

The Carpenter is also is spending many hours putting project bids together. (right now it is 10 PM and he is in his office) He recently told me about a method he uses to put together the bids. (so he doesn't miss any areas) He literally starts from the ground up like he is working on an actual project, detail by detail "building" the bid. And the bids are complex. Every single aspect of the proposed project has to be written down, thoroughly researched, and all pricing/information gathered from vendors and subcontractors. I handle the final part. Proofing all the proposals. 

And somewhere in all of that he has to project manage on the job sites, as well as meet with all the current and future potential homeowners.

And then there is home time. There isn't much of that these days. This past Labor Day weekend he did start a project to replace all the rotted wood on our 20 year old front porch while I painted new Applewood lawn sign frames. Yes Labor Day lived up to it's name for us!

We're looking forward to fall and a full crew. It will speed up our work timelines and free the Carpenter to spend more time with me. I can only hope!