Getting there.

by the Artist

We have just returned from our first two week vacation in 30+ years! When I realized that fact the other day I kind of shuddered. That just isn't right. 

We headed to our favorite camping spot in Hayward Wisconsin pulling our RV behind us. We left very late in the day.. missed our departure deadline by 3 hours which caused us to have to set up in the dark (more about that later). The worst thing about setting up a remote "home sweet home" is all the preparation involved. If I wasn't so full of adrenaline and anticipation to get away... I would surely sit down in the middle of the driveway.. arms loaded with more "necessary" stuff.. and have a good cry. But I usually save the tears for unpacking after.

Along the way to camp we donated a lovely three plug electrical cord (the Carpenter's favorite) to a lucky fellow traveler. The Carpenter looked back at the bed of the truck and saw the cord just ever so slightly over the side. He asked me if I thought it would move... it was very very still... and I said "naah". 

We pulled in at dusk, had a hard time backing the trailer in, between the tight campsite entrance, and the artist "helper," it wasn't pretty. Then as I was standing waiting for my next order... I didn't see the Carpenter in the dark on the other side of the truck. I walked around to find him picking himself up off the ground gripping his side. He had tripped on a tree root and dislocated a rib and basically couldn't breathe. I thought.. well so much for our first two week vacation! But thankfully the next day it popped back into place and we were able to stay. 

We're back and getting settled into build life. We have a full load of projects for the balance of the summer and need to hire. So this week the Carpenter is setting up the interviews. We are hiring an experienced residential remodeling Carpenter and also looking for an Apprentice– an individual who wants to learn the trade and start a new career. Know anyone?

I'm going to start planning our next vacation now.