Kitchen trending.

by the Artist

I threw them out! (I am not a saver which normally is a very good thing) I had beautiful brass hardware on my kitchen cabinets. Installed in 1998. I regretted going with brass in 1998 because brushed chrome rushed in and reigned supreme about the time I chose brass. I wanted to change over all the hardware in my home to brushed chrome. But I didn't. By the mid 2000's (approx) oiled bronze was the reigning king. For my birthday one year the Carpenter replaced all my kitchen hardware with oiled bronze bin pulls and knobs. I was so happy.

And now 18 years after renovating our Cape Cod... brass is back! Well thank goodness I didn't replace any door knobs or hinges! And really why is this worthy of a post? Because I am seeing a trend and I'm liking it a lot. Well more then a lot. Kitchens with black or dark navy painted cabinets- bases mostly- white painted walls, white or white with patterned tiles and brass fixtures and hardware. I have four words... bold, crisp, clean. Love. 

I don't write much these days about trends. But this has really caught my eye. Along with the fact that we just completed the Modern Farmhouse project which was full of beautiful white and black exterior/interior details. In particular because this winter I am planning on updating my home. I will start in the kitchen. I can easily change the wall color from sage green to white or pale gray, I can easily paint the base cabinets (well the Carpenter can easily do that), black or dark navy, and I can easily buy new hardware and sink fixture. Because I do have a white sink so the brass fixture will fit nicely. 

Here are just a few photos I grabbed from Pinterest. You can check out the boards I've put together for Applewood here

And just google or head to Pinterest and research this trend. Home design right now is so beautiful. There is a freshness that has been missing with the past trend of taupes and earth tones.

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