Bits of apple.

by the Artist

I've been thinking about interesting things to write about. I have bits of this and that in my head that might be something to post. There is so much going on.. how to narrow down to share? As this humid summer winds down our life speeds up. I will share the "bits". Because the bits add up to a whole don't they? Or shouldn't they? Shouldn't all our bits of time add up to some greater purpose? I'd like to think so.

We took a short trip to White Fish Bay (outside of Milwaukee) to visit a cousin of mine whom I hadn't seen in 17 years, a couple of weeks ago. We only live 5 hours apart. It was amazing to see him after so long. I used to babysit him and his brother. Now he has his own child. He lives in this amazing historical home. I appreciated every nook and cranny. 

After our visit we traveled up the Wisconsin "coast" of Lake Michigan. We ended up in the town of Port Washington. We had so much fun. That lake is amazingly blue. We walked way out over a very scary skinny concrete pier to a light house. I felt woozy as the waves crashed against the rocks on either side. But it was worth it.

We ended our day at the Green Bay Packers stadium. The Carpenter was awestruck. And he is not a Packer's fan. The funniest thing.. we saw a wedding party exit the bar. The same wedding party we saw at a gazebo getting married in Port Washington.

A recent Sunday we visited my friend (who has started a granola business- at Linden Hills Farmers' Market where she was selling her wares. It was a beautiful day. It's just the right size market. We then headed to a fancy bakery and enjoyed some fabulous quiche. Yes carpenters do eat quiche! 

This past weekend involved some Applewood work. We drove to a spot near the St Croix river to preview a potential project. I go along when there is possible redesign. As we drove out into the country the Carpenter commented about the yellowing corn. He said "oh I hate seeing that". It means the "old man" is just around the corner. Winter. He hates winter. So much more headaches at project sites. At the house I found a mug from Big Bear Lake, California sitting on the counter. A good friend moved here years ago from Big Bear. The homeowner who isn't living in the home yet doesn't know where the mug came from. Kind of small world. 

The Carpenter is extremely busy with preparing multiple bids. We are scheduling work into November. He has also been meeting with potential new crew members. Our fall is looking bountiful for many reasons.