A person can change.

by the Artist

I had plans. dreams. A lovely large home. Built especially for me by the Carpenter on a pretty spot of land. Years ago I had even come up with some plans.

We built some larger custom spec homes a few years back and that only fueled my dreams. The last spec home we built was as close to my dream home that I could imagine. The Carpenter and I designed it from "scratch". Even though we built it to sell... I built if for me. And I did get to live there for awhile. And it was a dream. I wanted to stay forever. Not just because of the house but because of the quaint neighborhood where it was located. 

Well eventually you have to wake up. We moved back to our "real" home. I was determined to let that dream go. And I have. I now appreciate my smaller home, and in fact the desire for a larger home is long gone. The desire to live in that neighborhood is gone. (ironically the Carpenter wants to move back in a few years!) Maybe that comes with age. But I also think I've come to appreciate efficiency, smaller organized spaces. Minimalism. I even shop differently. I only buy what I need when I need it. 

And I think part of what has influenced this change in me is the "tiny house" trend. I don't think I could live full time in a "tiny house", but I can appreciate the lifestyle. And the creativity to be able to live that lifestyle. Here is a sweet "tiny house" from Houzz.com that is beautifully designed. http://www.houzz.com/ideabooks/70571277?utm_source=Houzz&utm_campaign=u3538&utm_medium=email&utm_content=gallery0

Our company's brand line "Helping you love where you live" resonates with me more then ever now too. Staying where you live, embracing the potential in your home. Making the most of every square inch. Who would have thought that small homes would be trending post decades of bigger is better. That some are downsizing before they have an empty nest. That it's more a lifestyle choice, an intentional choosing of a smaller efficient footprint.

I'm excited about this. Call us if you are too!