​Trying to figure this one out.

by the Carpenter

If you have been following us, for some time now, you have heard me say, or should I say question, if the time is right to move into the role of managing and administrative 100% of the time. I have stayed awake at night contemplating that many times. Also if you have been following this, I said in a post not too long ago that the time has come to do just that. Basically since the end of July, I have not swung a hammer or pulled the trigger on a circle saw.

It has been the busiest stretch of time I have ever seen in my career. With that comes the task of getting it all done in timely fashion. I am ever more relying on the crew to step up to the plate and swing away. We also rely on our customers to be patient and wait the time required now to start their projects. I can safely say we are booking work well into winter and it feels good to be able to stare the “Old Man” in the eye and say “you’re not going to stop us this year”.

Yesterday I toured a home that was in the Fall Parade of Homes Remodelers Showcase https://www.paradeofhomes.org/news/category/remodelers-showcase It was designed by a company that we are actually starting a remodel for in November. I must say, the home was virtually flawless. Finally I saw work that the attention to detail was what everyone in this trade needs to strive for and what I expect out of my crew every day.

Sometimes I ask myself, am I crazy? Sometimes I start to listen to those who may say, “Mark, you worry too much”, or “that’s good enough, who will see it”. Well, sometimes I hear what they are saying, but even though it may be tempting because of time or budget constraints, I am still able to answer, no I’m not crazy. No, I’m not going to start slacking, and no, the low expectations of the industry as a whole will not change the way we do things. It was so refreshing to see that home and let the "art of the craft" just sink into my pores. It was encouraging to see there is somebody else out there with a similar vision as ours.

With that said, as the first line above said, “Trying to figure this one out”, we are on the hunt again to expand the crew. I’m looking for a vision person who can come along side us to produce and create the wonderful work we saw today. Someone without attitude or drama, who just wants to do a fantastic job. If anyone knows someone who fits this description, send them our way. It will be a move they won't regret.

On a personal note, this coming weekend is "Conciflabs" (Don’t ask, too hard to explain) weekend. Yep, that wonderful weekend I look forward to each year where my Dad, brothers, uncles, cousins, second cousins, and sometimes a few friends get together for fall camping getaway.

This tradition started when my Dad took my older brother and I out for a camping weekend. We can’t nail down the exact year this started but the consensus is I was 4, my brother was 5. And that was a long time ago. As the years passed, my younger brothers joined us, my uncles and their boys also joined in. Some in-laws came along too, and my nephews as they were born and came of official “Conciflab” age to be part of the festivities. Right now we typically have about 22 that join in. Some years more, some years less, but for the most part it’s a pretty good turn-out. The food, is always delicious and plentiful. The games are fun. (You do want to be on Unca’ Bobs team, he always wins.) And the campfire stories are legend.

Yep, it’s quite a weekend. The most important part is the tradition. To have something like this for so long be a part of so many of this family’s lives is something to be proud of. The first Friday of every October is on my calendar and forever how long this lasts, it will be special to me. And with my current work load... a few days of fresh fall air and good conversation is just what this carpenter needs.

One last thing, “Bob’s your Uncle” (he’s mine too)