by the Artist

We are in the between time. Just wrapped up the Modern Farmhouse Project. Starting a couple new projects. And in between we take care of the little jobs that have been on the wait list as we gear up and get into the groove with the new projects. 

It all works out. A balancing act for sure. This week as the Carpenter and I looked at the white board to schedule out the week.. I had to write a bunch of question marks. Between times don't go in a straight line. They are fluid. We have to be flexible. Rather.. I have to be flexible. I like plans and orderliness. I'm not good with changing plans or not even making a plan. No. Not for me.

I did take the time yesterday to head over to our completed Modern Farmhouse Project to take some final photos. Wow. I hadn't been there in awhile. Seeing it totally finished was amazing. What a contrast from what it used to look like. It must feel like living in a brand new house to the homeowners. It would feel that way to me. 

Here are some photos I captured yesterday. The house really turned out lovely. So simple and sleek. So fresh. I think you will agree. I've also attached some "before" photos just so you can see how transformed the house is!