News & Blessing.

by the Artist

So much is happening these days at Applewood! So much we haven't been at liberty to share. All good things. We have been blessed with a bountiful fall of work. And as I like to say.. our basket is brimming with apples! Each project has been going well. And we continue to get busier and busier. We love working with our customers and helping them with the needs of their home. 

One of the news I can share.. we just hired a new crew member! He is going to start this Monday. That will make 5 strong! Will share more later about that. We are excited to be adding to our crew. And we will continue to look for more "craftsmen". Only the best for our excellent customers! We take longer to hire to find not just a carpenter... but a craftsman. Someone who will uphold our standards for building, customer service, and who catches the "vision" and believes in what we are doing. It takes longer to find the perfect fit but it is worth the extra time. 

On to another subject... recently I was at Target. I got in line to check out in a lane where the clerk was disabled. At first I was going to go to another lane.. then I thought.. what am I doing? Who cares if it takes longer. Well those of us who chose to stay in his lane were blessed. The clerk had a severe disability.. speech, motor skills etc. No other clerk was standing by him to help. He struggled to grab change out of the drawer and open a plastic bag. Even removing the plastic hanger on the clothing I bought was challenging. But he persevered. I looked around me at the other women in line with me. I could tell they were all touched by him and were rooting him on inside. You could just see it on their faces.

As I walked out of the store that day.. I thought bravo Target! They've gotten a lot of bad press lately. I was impressed that they took a chance on this guy and believed in him.. even if he couldn't check out the customers fast. I was humbled about my own life. My petty complaints. I thought about serving those around me. Not being afraid to try something I am afraid to do. And I thought about the privilege of having a strong body and how I take that for granted.

I wish we could hire someone with a disability. But that isn't realistic in our line of work. But maybe some day when we are much bigger a non physical position would be needed. Estimating, project management, who knows. 

In the meantime I won't forget the experience I had that day. And also to not take for granted the blessings in my life. Very appropriate for all of us this time of the year!