Looking forward.

by the Artist

It's about time to focus on this blog. Today I'm thinking about the amount of projects we've had going on since summer and what is going to be an even busier November and December. And in the "in between" times the Carpenter continues to look for new crew members. We only need a few good men. They are hard to find apparently. 

We are currently finishing up a lower level remodel including a bath, and a larger interior remodel including two bath remodels. The Carpenter continues to be available to both homeowners to answer their questions. Last night he arrived home at 7. I always say... if you sign on with Applewood.. you will get solid moral support during the duration of your project. And with that comes usually additional work that we do our best to accommodate within project deadlines.

I had another sale last weekend for my chalk painted furniture line "A Painted Apple" in our front driveway. Traffic and sales increased because I put ads for every single piece I was selling on Craig's List. Had good activity for a few days. But still need to contact area shops to see if they want any "painted apples!" The Carpenter gave up on this endeavor of mine (I didn't blame him it's been a hard road) but is back to support me. Last night he came home with an old school desk from the 1960's. I've got plans for that!

Sale day was beautiful. Leaves were softly falling (I didn't need to get the leaf blower out) and the sun shined warm. I met some great people and got some good tips. There are a lot of members in the chalk painting club! 

Oh and in the past couple of weeks we topped 100 Likes (officially 103) on our Facebook page! That is cause for celebration. I started the Applewood page summer of 2012! I'm thankful for each "Like". It takes a loyal hardy soul to follow a construction company!