Pork roasts and proposals.

by the Artist

This evening while the Carpenter was at a chiropractic appointment for our "Snack Manager".. yes there are animal chiropractors. I was proofing a proposal and making dinner at the same time. The Carpenter needed to get the proposal out pronto. So I was hustling and moving fast. Too fast. I tend to be a bit dangerous in the kitchen as it is... one trip to Urgent Care under my belt from a run-in with a cold pork roast years ago.

Who says history can't repeat itself? I had a pork roast in the oven. I was making a sauerkraut dish with apples (of course) and onions to accompany it. The metal can top didn't come off very nicely. I worked at working it lose and pop! it hit my finger. Not pretty. I thought.. oh no I don't have time for this! So I wrapped a paper towel around it and headed back to the computer to finish proofing. With one available hand. Sacrificing myself for the good of our business. Yes I am a drama queen.

I showed the Carpenter when he walked into the house with the Snack Manager. I knew he would be mad. He is always on me for being safe with sharp objects. He knows me. When he saw the wad of bloody paper towel wrapped around my finger he said... "oh no... I don't have time to take you to the ER I've got to get that proposal out!" Seriously he said that.

I said.. "I'm not going to the ER! You can do your "Carpenter" medical bandaging!" He's cut himself pretty seriously many times. He's used duct tape, gasoline, super glue, and has even let the Snack Manager lick his wound. Gross but true. I knew I was in good hands. 

After assessing that I was going to live... he bandaged my finger and we had a nice meal. And we got the proposal out.