A lot of prep goes a long way!

by the Artist

The Carpenter wrote about an upcoming project in his last post. He spent many hours last week and all this past weekend holed up in the "War Room", revising the architect's plans with final design tweaks. All I heard was the "creak and roll" of his office chair mingled with some Tina Turner and Meatloaf, and the hum of the space heater. It's been an intense process to be a part of and also to observe. He has had to chase down many many details and information for the entire scope of the project. Yes.. this is his job, I just haven't in the past paid quite so much attention!

We've had a number of design meetings prior to this past weekend for architectural exterior and interior details:  window style, millwork etc. And the Carpenter has headed back to the project to meet appraisers, engineers, subcontractors and a lead inspector. There is a whole lot of prep before "bags on!"

A couple weeks ago I had the privilege to attend the initial design meeting with the architect, homeowners and the Carpenter. It was the first time I've seen how the Carpenter interacts with an architect. He did "good". We covered a lot of ground. It was exhausting but exciting.

A week later we again found ourselves back at the project on a bitter cold Saturday morning. While the wind blew hard across the lake we tackled the windows... casement or double hung, grid style, placement, and exact measurements matched to a catalog. We taped off approximate interior locations. Where a window fits outside does not mean it lands well inside!

The Carpenter's prep work is almost complete. I need to get a new sign designed (and I want to update our logo first). This project has good exposure for potential future work. And I will be meeting with the homeowner to help with lighting and flooring decisions still. That will be the fun part!

I can't tell you how excited we are about this project. For me it's the new architectural style "modern farmhouse" the house will become- my personal favorite! I could not be happier. The Carpenter is excited because he loves reworking and updating older homes. This is his passion. He loves the challenge. The puzzle of it. He's in his element. And working by a lovely lake won't hurt either. Even though right now it's a frozen cube.