Dinner on us!

by the Artist

Last night we hosted our first Applewood Christmas dinner! It is something I've wanted to do.. have our crew over to our home. Spend time together in a quiet environment without the pressure of work- the sound of saws and compressors. It is also the first time we've had a large enough crew to have a party. Along with the guys came girlfriends and a fiancee.

I spent the day preparing. Stops at two grocery stores then home to start the meal. I spent the rest of the afternoon in the kitchen. The Carpenter came home in time to start up the grill. He on special occasions buys good steak at a local meat market. And he's perfected his grilling technique. I am usually the grill master around here but not for these special steaks!

It was a good night to get to know our newest crew member and his girlfriend. They are originally from Hayward Wisconsin -which if you're a regular reader of our blog- is the destination for our camping vacations. We heard some interesting things about our favorite camp spot. And also found out some interesting things I'd rather not know. I'd prefer to keep my rose colored tourist glasses on!

In the end it was a good time. It's been a busy busy time for us this holiday season. We definitely shared our home more then past years.

It's gonna be a quiet New Year's Eve... I'm liking that.