by the Artist


It's been a rough few weeks. Four years of searching (and all that entails) for talented crew members finally caught up with us. Bountiful projects and not enough workers. It brewed a perfect storm. And it landed heavily on the Carpenter's shoulders and mind. He's had to manage the projects and step in to do the work. It's been extremely long days, very late nights and weekends. He's had to juggle the crew to keep all the projects going. And in the spirit of transparency about our build life.. working seven days a week doesn't make for much home life. 

The past two weeks culminated in the longest days yet this week. The carpenter had a project deadline he was determined to meet because he made a promise. He would roll in around midnight and be gone by 7:30 the next morning. Last night he came home at two am. (the homeowners were out of town so he could work on the project late). He is beyond exhausted physically and emotionally. I've never seen such sheer resolve.

Well thanks to two new crew members who came on board in the past two weeks, our lead and the Carpenter's determination, we have met that particular project deadline, as well as keeping up with our other projects within the constraints of waiting for and bringing on new crew. And we are happy to say that we have found two really super guys.

Hiring talented crew isn't easy in this economy and culture. But through it all we believed that if God brought the work.. he would bring the workers and he did!

So I'm looking forward to having the Carpenter back home in the evenings and weekends and he's looking forward to getting some rest!