Second Act.

by the Artist

It's gonna be good!

We're on the home stretch at the Modern Farmhouse Project. When I look back at the start of the project it was bitter cold. The crew had to clear the snow to work. Seems like a long time ago as I sit here feeling the warm breeze coming in through the window. It is hard to imagine how winter could be so cold and how a home could look so different in really a short space of time. The cold and white is gone, and so is the old stucco, the old windows, two old fireplaces, old lighting, old hip roof details, and old rot. Along with warm breezes has come new windows and doors, a revamped roof silhouette, lighting, a more spacious kitchen (with the demise of an old gas fireplace) and more expansive views of the lake. And of course a lot of internal "new" that won't ever be seen but has made the house solid and energy efficient for years to come.

It has been a long process, but with perspective so much has been accomplished. It's kind of like being in intermission waiting for the curtain to go up. It will be well worth the wait!