Met the goal!

by the Artist

Today. The Carpenter and crew has been focused all week on achieving what seemed like an unattainable goal. Get windows/patio door on the lake side of our Modern Farmhouse Project installed in time for Memorial Day weekend. It wasn't a planned goal. It was a hopeful goal from the homeowner.

The Carpenter knew the challenges that would need to be overcome to achieve this goal. It was lofty. The weather was a player. Painting the interior side of the windows would need to be completed. The living room window roof detail would need to be built. The exterior walls would need to be finished and wrapped. I know I'm missing some items but it is what I'm remembering.

The Carpenter was tense. He was focused. And serious. He wasn't home much. Physically or mentally. He and the crew were "all in". The Carpenter even had to cancel a doctor appointment because it landed exactly when he needed to be on site.

Today. The windows are in! The crew and weather and the determination of the Carpenter made it happen. I wasn't sure it was going to happen. It rained. Yet the rain let up today long enough for the crew to tarp the area and they prevailed.

I drove over to take some photos and view the beautiful windows in place. I remembered back to all the planning meetings. The time spent measuring and remeasuring, and marking placement inside with tape on a bitter cold Saturday in January. I remembered the hours spent removing window hardware, keeping it organized, masking for hours, priming, sanding, painting. Hours of prep in the cabinet shop. It truly was a group effort. 

I'm sure right about now the homeowners are so happy to be looking out at the lake through beautiful glass! (in fact as I'm writing this the sun is coming out!) They spent three weeks (I think it was) looking at temporary plywood walls. They were living in a cave. That might be okay in the dead of winter... but I'm sure almost unbearable in the glorious spring!

So here's to our crew and a very tired Carpenter! My hat's off to you. Job well done.