by the Carpenter

The good, the bad, and the ugly. Ok, Ok, I know you have missed me! Have not been around again for over two months. The Artist has once again threatened things if I don’t write. Its not that I don’t want to write, it’s just been a good, bad and ugly stretch of time.

The good has been like this:
In April, work started coming in and it has not stopped. If you read this blog, you remember the oak tree project. That was in between regular work. In between regular work was all the meetings and bidding. Well it has not stopped since.

The good:  
Fun jobs, interesting customers, lots of referrals.

The good:
Unexpected jobs coming in between the expected jobs.

The good:
Had our usual week at the lake.

The good:
It won't be long before we will be scheduled up to Christmas.

The good:
We sold our boat.

And we have some bad (well maybe just not so good):
Still looking for help. We are in need of at least one experienced remodeler, maybe two.

The bad (not so good):
Not many guys out there looking for work, good for them, bad for those who need them.

The Bad (not so good):
The snack manager blew out her ACL the second day of vacation. She spent a cool week in the air-conditioned camper. Me, I spent the week lifting that 60 pound load up and down the camper steps.

The bad (not so good):
We sold our boat (it was a sad day, but good now).

The bad (not so good):
Schedules are getting harder and harder to keep. Had a sub get injured, and another not able to give the time in September we were hoping for.

And the ugly:
As you know, again if you have been reading here. The business over the years has taken a toll on a certain carpenter. The shoulders have been getting progressively worse and I think this coming winter will be the time we make the change for me to transition from carpenter to full time manager. I shouldn’t say it’s the ugly. It should be a good thing if it gives me the time to heal and turn over responsibilities to others on the crew. Its only ugly when it hurts.

I can say the good really out weighs the bad and the ugly. It’s always worth it to see the glass as always half full, not half empty. We always find a way to figure things out. Customers for the most part understand the scheduling challenges we can run into and employees and subs know when its time to kick things in high gear, and go the extra mile or two to get the job done.

So, forget about the bad and the ugly, its all good!