by the Artist

I sat eating my lunch on the back deck today here at Applewood. It's beautiful out. Almost unbearably beautiful. I was taking a break from working on design concepts for an exterior renovation project we are bidding on. 

Music was wafting out of the cabinet shop where our Lead carpenter is building a custom bath vanity for one of our current bath remodels. Farther out I caught bits of conversation and laughter amidst the steady thump of wood being stacked. A group of our nieces and nephews came over today to help the Carpenter stack wood he had split for this coming winter. Yes I said that word!

It was a nice to be surrounded by activity. It's usually just me and the Snack Manager. Alone. I spend hours sitting in my "dormer" office working away in solitude. I'm okay with solitude. It was just fun today having more energy around here. 

And well.. it inspired this post. Life is good.